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In progress

Foreverdark, cello concertante for amplified cello with live electronics and chamber orchestra

Chamber Music (2-10)

mountain miniature 1: I watch you, beheading, 3-5', soprano, bassoon (2018)

with dawn in our lungs, 8', flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion (2018) – Listen on Soundcloud.

Granitic***, 7', flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola, cello, electric guitar, electric bass, synthesizer, percussion (2018)
Listen on Soundcloud. Watch on Youtube.

Salvation, or what was needed most, 7', piano trio (2017)+ – Listen on Soundcloud

First came the temple, then the city**, 11', flute quintet (piccolo, 2 C flutes, alto, bass (2017) – Listen on Soundcloud

"Everything is... distorted", 12', flute, bass clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion, electronics (2017) – Listen on Soundcloud. Watch on Youtube.

You: Afterwards No, 6'-9', speaking cellist and harpist (2016) – please contact the composer if interested in the recording

Swallow/Breathe*, 12', string quartet (2016) – Watch on YouTube.

The Formula, 6', wind quintet (2016) – Listen on Soundcloud, Watch on YouTube.

2 Inverse Motions, 13', violin, Bb clarinet/bass clarinet, piano, percussion (2016) – Watch on YouTube.

microlattice, 7', bass clarinet, double bass, piano, percussion (2016) – Listen on Soundcloud, Watch on YouTube.

L'appel du vide, 7'30", cello, accordion, piano, and electronics (2016) – Listen on Soundcloud

Relative Bearings, 2', drum kit feature with digital keyboard/synthesizer & electric guitar – (2015) Listen on Soundcloud

silver on skin, 12', percussion quartet (2015-2016) – Watch on Youtube.

We Occur in Biological Settings!, 6', clarinet, violin, cello, drum kit, electric bass (2015) – Listen on Soundcloud

Four Minatures for Soprano and Percussion Quartet, 7'30" (2015)
*selected for Sandbox Percussion and Association of Canadian Women Composers' Call-for-Scores - Listen on Soundcloud

wires at rest (tend to tangle), 8', cello and harp (2015)
*winner of the Costello Competition presented by the Lyra SocietyListen on Soundcloud

Junk, 4', baritone sax and percussion (2014) – Listen on Soundcloud, Listen on Youtube

Luna, 7'30", for harp and percussion (2014) – Listen on Youtube

bud, 5', clarinet/bass clarinet, electric guitar, piano/digital keyboard, percussion, violin, double bass (2014)
*winner of a 2015 Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters AwardListen on Youtube

I took my lyre and said, 7', guitar duo (2014) – Listen on Youtube

a relic of adolescent heat, 5'30", flute, cello, piano (2014)
*Winner in the Newly Composed Music Category of the 2015 Flute New Music Consortium Composition Competition – Listen on Soundcloud

like a wet seed wild, string quartet (2013)

for when I do not rise, 3'30", violin, piano, and tape (2013) – Listen on Youtube

Murmuring Bones, 6', string quartet (2013)
*First runner up in the Zvi Zeitlin Memorial International Composer's Competition - Listen on Youtube


How to..., 8', tenor and percussion (2017) - Watch on YouTube.

Three Songs for the Regent Park Songbook, 2' each, soprano and piano (x2) and baritone and piano

Slept Unwell, 5', SATB + electronics (2017) – Watch on Youtube

Requiem for a Penny, 4', mezzo-soprano and piano (2014) – Listen on Youtube

Olive Oil, 1', solo soprano (2014) – Listen on Soundcloud

The Box Office, 9', Mini Opera with Large Ensemble (2013)
*Selected for performance in the 2014 New Fangled Opera Call for Scores and the 2015 North American New Opera Workshop Call for ScoresWatch on Youtube

February 18, 1942, 5', SAB choir with percussion (2012) – Listen on Youtube
commissioned by the town of St. Lawrence, Newfoundland

Rubies, 2'30", SSAA chamber choir (2011) – Listen on Youtube


Skinscape, 4', amplified flute and fixed media (2017) – Listen on Soundcloud

wild creatures, 8', amplified soprano saxophone with live-triggered electronics (2016) – Listen on Soundcloud

phase:lum, 7'30", multi percussion and light-sensitive mini synthesizer (2015) – Watch on YouTube

impurity chains, 14', electric guitar (2015)
commissioned by Trevor BabbListen on Soundcloud

ochre dust (from Adam’s sole), 5', ugly stick and voice (2014)
commissioned by Evan BowenListen on Youtube

The Lonely Man Strikes with Absolute Rage, 7', multi percussion (2013)
commissioned by Evan Bowen
*Winner of the 2014 Canadian University Music Society's Composition AwardWatch on Youtube

Large Ensemble

A rumbling, shimmering beneath, grade 1 concert band

Remnant Shoreline, 5', chamber orchestra (2017)
please contact the composer if interested in hearing the recording

Barycentre, 3', youth orchestra (2016) - please contact the composer if interested in hearing the recording

amok (as a syndrom), 10', large wind ensemble (2016) – Listen on Soundcloud
*completed as the composer-in-residence with the University of Toronto Wind Ensemble directed by Gillian MacKay

for pillars, gone, 9', chamber orchestra (2015)
*winner of a 2016 Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters AwardListen on Soundcloud

* = funded through a Toronto Arts Council Creation Grant
** = funded through an Ontario Arts Council Commissioning Grant
*** = funded through the Toronto Emerging Composer Award
+ = funded through a Canadian Heritage 150 Grant

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